11ic Affiliate Program for Users from India

Everyone can become an 11ic partner and earn money by referring new users. The program is also intended for website owners who can place ads, banners, and link throughs on their sites, via email or other ways of communication.

How to Become a Member of the Affiliate?

You must sign up on the 11ic company website to become an affiliate. To achieve this, navigate the website’s footer and click on ‘Affiliate Program’. Before signing up, make sure you read the terms and conditions to ensure that they are suitable for you.

After you have accessed the site for the affiliate program, you will need to look at its characteristics. If you are happy, press the “Register” button on top right. The next steps are as follows:

  1. Enter your username and promo code (if applicable) in the designated field;
  2. Create a strong password that contains a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters;
  3. Confirm your password to make sure you entered it correctly;
  4. Enter your current mobile phone number. This is necessary for future communication, as you will receive a verification code that you will need to enter in the designated fields;
  5. Confirm that you agree to the company’s terms and conditions and click on the green “Create Free Account” button. 

You have joined the 11ic affiliate program. Use your username and password to log in to the website in the future.

How Does the Partner Program Work?

When you become an 11ic affiliate, you will need to advertise the site. You must place branded content, such as banners, active links, etc., on your website or blog. Please note that unauthorized placement of affiliate information is a violation of the user agreement. Here are some important principles of how the affiliate program works:

  • Promote information about 11ic to potential players and track your progress in your online cabinet on the program website;
  • Earn a high commission for each referred user;
  • Track how the commission is calculated and how your progress increases on the player panel. You can also see how effective the player you referred is and how much income you can earn from them.

Payouts for 11ic Partners

Partners receive payments every month. The amount depends on how active the invited player was. Remember that in addition to the number of attracted players, the administration takes into account how they spend time on the site and how active they are. 

If the player who registered through your link does not meet the standards at that time, you will not get paid. See the table for what you can earn.

Monthly player turnover, INRPartner commission percentage
1 – 200,00020%
200,001 – 3,000,00030%
3,000,001 – 5,000,00035%
5,000,001 – 30,000,00040%
30,000,001 – 60,000,00045%
60,000,001 – 100,000,00050%
Over 100,000,00160%

Basic Rules of 11ic Affiliate

Before you become an 11ic affiliate, be sure to read the program rules. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • The 11ic affiliate program cannot be sublicensed or transferred to a third party under any other terms;
  • Partners are not allowed to disclose or share confidential information about users who have registered through their referral link with third parties;
  • If the affiliate tag is incorrectly inserted on the affiliate website or incorrectly received by the 11ic web server, the subsequent user registration and purchases will not be attributed to the partner;
  • Active wagering participants include users who reach a minimum wagering turnover of 5,000 Indian rupees.


Where can I get 11ic banners and other affiliate materials?

11ic managers will provide you with all the necessary tools, conversion program, banners, and marketing materials.

What is the maximum commission that 11ic pays out?

The maximum size of the 11ic affiliate program is 60% per player and is calculated based on their activity on the site.

Are there any rewards for site partners?

Yes, if a friend registers through your referral link, you will receive 200 Indian rupees, provided they make a deposit and play in the casino or make a bet.