Basic provisions

11ic casino is a legal gambling establishment that is licensed by Curacao and PAGCOR. In order to ensure that the official web page and 11ic betting app remain safe platforms, the institution has developed a set of rules that are based on the basic principles in the field of gambling, as well as international and national laws. The Terms and Conditions describe the basic procedures, rights, and obligations of the parties.

When a user creates a profile, one of the important steps is to carefully study these rules and confirm agreement with them. Otherwise, the person will not be able to use the web page and will be forced to leave it.

The organization reserves the right to change or amend the terms and conditions at any time so that they remain relevant and keep up with the standards of the international community. All adjustments come into force from the moment they are published on the official website. It is the client’s responsibility to visit the relevant section from time to time and check the document for updates. Continued use of the gambling establishment means automatic acceptance of all changes.

User Obligations

In order to have a hassle-free experience with 11ic India services and products, players must fulfill the following conditions:

  • The client may not use the website for illegal purposes;
  • Residents of the following countries will not be able to create a profile in this gambling establishment: Philippines, USA, Singapore, Iran, North Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, France, Italy, UK;
  • The player must act only on his own behalf. He cannot represent the interests of a legal entity;
  • The user must not have limited legal capacity;
  • The Client has reached 18 years of age or another legal age for gambling in certain jurisdictions;
  • The player guarantees that the funds used are not the result of illegal activities;
  • The Client will not transfer or sell his profile to a third party;
  • The user is obliged to keep the profile login information confidential. If someone has gained unauthorized access to the account, the client is obliged to report this to customer support;
  • A player can only have one account. It is prohibited to create a second profile from the same email or IP address;
  • The Client undertakes not to violate the integrity of the web page and not to use software that can violate this;
  • The player undertakes not to use artificial intelligence or other devices that are aimed at deceiving the system and winning;
  • The client has no right to use a payment method that does not belong to him;
  • The user is obliged to provide any identification documents upon request of the organization’s employees.


To become a full-fledged customer in 11ic India, users must go through the registration process. This procedure has certain rules:

  • The individual must complete the registration form with complete, accurate, and truthful information;
  • The user is responsible for ensuring that the use of the site does not violate the laws of the jurisdiction in which he lives;
  • The player must provide an identification document, bank statement, or other documents to confirm his identity;
  • If any changes occur in private details, the client must immediately notify customer service;
  • A gambling establishment may refuse to create a profile without giving a reason.

Betting Rules

In order to place a bet without any problems and enjoy the process, customers must know some rules:

  • The user must study the rules for a particular sport or game before placing a bet;
  • In the event of a technical failure, the organization has the right to cancel the bet;
  • If the client is suspected of fraud, then the company can cancel the bid and block the profile;
  • Once a bet has been accepted, the user cannot change or cancel it;
  • The player can only bet an amount that does not exceed his account balance;
  • All bets are accepted only before the start of the event;
  • Information about the time and date of the match on the site is advisory in nature. Users should check independent sources to ensure the accuracy of facts;
  • The winner will be determined on the day the event ends and after the official results are announced.

Intellectual property

All information that is provided to the client, including match schedules, game results, statistics, odds, video and audio materials, and marketing mailings is for personal use only and is the intellectual property of 11ic India and its licensors.

The player has no right to use objects that are protected by copyright for commercial purposes. In addition, the user is prohibited from copying, distributing, renting, selling, or publishing without the written consent of the company.