11ic India respects customers’ right to privacy. At the same time, it is important for the company that the official web page functions properly and that users are in a safe and comfortable environment. This can be achieved through the collection and examination of personal data. However, this process must be legal and not violate the fundamental rights of players. For this purpose, 11ic casino in India has developed a privacy policy that is based on international and national data protection laws.

This document reflects the basic reasons, purposes, and procedures for obtaining and analyzing confidential details. In addition, the provisions explain the basic rights of users, their obligations, as well as the responsibility of the gambling establishment. Before starting the game, each person must carefully study these articles and confirm their agreement with them. Otherwise, the client will not be able to fully use the company’s services and will be forced to leave the web page.

Also, the management of the institution has the right to change, supplement, or delete the provisions of the policy at any time. The new version will be published on the official website and will take effect immediately. However, in order for players to review the new document and ensure they agree with it, the organization will send advance notice via email.

Data types

In order for a player to make full use of 11ic India services, he must share the following personal details:

  • Identification data. During registration, the user provides full name, date of birth, gender, place of residence, mobile number, and email address;
  • Specifications. When a client uses the site, the gambling establishment receives information about the IP address, device type, browser settings, language preferences, and session duration;
  • Transaction details. In order to manage and carry out money transfers, an organization needs to know details about the payment method, amount, currency, as well as payment history;
  • Correspondence. When contacting customer support, the company records telephone conversations as well as correspondence.


11ic India guarantees that it will not share private details with third parties. However, some parties have the right to receive it:

  • Government or law enforcement authorities upon their request. This is necessary for the purpose of cooperation in combating money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, and cybercrime;
  • Providers of products and services that fill the web page with games that are based on customer needs;
  • Financial institutions that mediate between the organization and the user during payments.

Security guarantees

The company assures that the process of obtaining and analyzing private data is a secure process, which is accompanied by the following measures:

  • Using SSL ciphers to store information in encrypted form;
  • Storage of confidential data in a system that has multi-level protection;
  • Cooperation with the best security system providers;
  • Limitation of the number of employees who have access to work with personal details;
  • The signing of a confidentiality agreement by each employee.

External resources

The official web page may contain advertisements or links to third-party sites. 11ic India is not responsible for the security of such resources and strongly encourages players to review their privacy policies before clicking on a link.

The company also urges to trust only the official website and in case of detection of fraudulent information on the platform, users should contact customer support.


If the user has questions about the provisions of the policy or has a complaint regarding how it is applied to their profile, then they can contact customer support.

If the support employee cannot resolve the problem, then the issue is referred to the organization’s management for consideration. The client also has the right to contact the local or national data protection authority.